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5 Key ways to prevent diabetes - Dischempharmacie

5 Key ways to prevent diabetes

Overweight, over-stressed and poor lifestyle observers are easy targets for this lifestyle disease, even at the young age of 20. While diabetes can be genetic, doctors say that type 2 Diabetes Mellitus (DM) can be prevented by following a proper lifestyle.  These lifestyle choices involve:

I. Exercise regularly
Regular exercise for at least 5 to 6 days in a week is a must. Opt for 30 minutes of intense exercise where the heart rate is double. Brisk walking or jogging and muscle building through weight lifting are good.

II. Stress reduction
Stress reduction, both at home and at workplace, is a must. Meditation, music, giving and getting love and respect from children, contentment in life, learning to forgive and keeping pets at home are a few ways through which one can combat stress.

III. Maintain your weight
Dr. P K D Shah: Maintain your body weight, that is, do not gain too much weight above the ideal body weight. And as far as possible, avoid abdominal fat which causes insulin insensitivity leading to DM type II. If obese, try and reduce at least a few kilograms in order to get a head start.

IV. Eat a healthy diet
Dr (Col) Surender Kumar: Small frequent meals i.e. total daily calories load is divided into 3 small meals and 3 snacks, roughly at three hourly intervals. Avoid excess of refined carbohydrates and fats.

V. Self risk assessment & annual investigation
If one has an underlying disease that must be cured such as hypertension or depression, then the risk of diabetes is higher. One must try to quit smoking in order to prevent DM. Annual investigations should  be done for early diagnosis and preferably to investigate the disease in pre-diabetic stage in order to reverse the disease.

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